Sports and Character

Bradman rightly said as “First my parents taught me to be a cricketer off the field as well as on. It was not ‘did you win’ but ‘did you play the game’ that made the man… I have no doubt that it [cricket] moulds in an individual the right type of character better than any other sport. If that can be substantiated, no other recommendation is required, because character must surely be one of the greatest assets any nation through its citizens can possess.”

The way a cricketer plays the game tells a lot about his character. Of course when you think of Sehwag, Yuvraj or Dilshan, you can sense what kind of characters they are. And when you think of Dravid, Steve Waugh, Kallis, you can sense what kind of characters (humans) they are. And then there are Laxman, Cullinan and Attapattu. And then Taylor and Peterson.

McMillan and Chanderpaul.

Tendulkar and Vettori.

And S. Fleming. And Lara!

God has been kind to me to help me understand the game.

Why only players? You can form some opinion of an individual based on which are his or her favorite players. I am sure that if two friends go to a restaurant to have food and they admire Sehwag or Dilshan or Gayle and Dravid or Kallis or Hussey respectively, they will order different dishes with a dislike of other’s taste.

Try it.