Technical Writing Quiz

In my presentation during first STC India Chapter Summit earlier this month, I conducted a technical writing quiz for the audience. Nothing fancy, it was just part of STC India Chapter’s initiatives to conduct QUIZ on monthlly basis, that they started in February 2011.

Here are the QUIZ questions:

1. Technical Writing was first recognized as a separate profession in the West in: (TICK the correct answer.)

(A) 1537, when a technical writer named Wills Markum wrote a technical document about the mechanics of flight

(B) Late 1970s, when President Jimmy Carter mandated simple language in government documents

(C) First half of the 1800s, when Augusta Ada Byron documented the analytical engine invented by Charles Babbage

(D) The 1990s, when computers became more widely used

2. On average, what percentage of a documentation project’s time is spent gathering information? (Select one answer.)

(A) 5-10%

(B) 15-20%

(C) 25-35%

(D) 40-60%

3. What section of a technical user manual is used most often by target users? (You can select multiple answers.)

(A) Procedures

(B) Troubleshooting

(C) Index

(D) All these equally

4. In MadCap Flare: For an image listed in Content Explorer, you can directly open it in snagIT or in Photoshop. (Select one answer.)

(A) True

(B) False

5. MS Word 2007: What page view can you use to see what it will look like when printed? (You can select multiple answers.)

(A) Draft View

(B) Print View

(C) Reading View

(D) Outline View

6. The dash used to express range of values such as ‘30-35 age group..’ is: (Select one answer.)

(A) An en dash

(B) An em dash

(C) It can be either en dash or an em dash; does not make a difference

(D) Neither en dash nor em dash, it is a hiphen.

7. RoboHelp: For merged projects to create a webhelp, does generating or publishing a master project updates the child projects automatically? (Select one answer.)

(A) Yes

(B) No

8. Which of the following sentences (more than one) are in the active voice? (You can select multiple answers.)

(A) Click on the Delete button and ABCDE asks you to confirm if you want to delete the selected order.

(B) Click on the Delete button and confirm if the selected order to be deleted by ABCDE.

(C) To delete the selected order, click on Delete button and confirm that you want to delete it.

(D) For the selected order to be deleted, click on Delete button and confirm that you want want to delete it.

9. RoboHelp 7 (or later): In webhelp, you can format the text of breadcrumbs for font properties, color, size, and for the location of breadcrumbs.

(A) Yes

(B) No

10. Compared to a serif typeface, a sans-serif typeface is easier to read on the screen because the letters are simpler.

(A) True

(B) False


(1) Late 1970s… (2) 40-60%   (3) Index  (4) True   (5)  An en dash  (6) No  (7) 1st and 3rd sentences are in active voice

(8)  Yes  (9) Print View  (10) True

The Mug of Joy :)

technical writing quiz

The audience had 5 minutes to answer the questions. The sheets were shuffled, the answers were displayed on screen, correct answers were counted, and the best effort was 9 correct answers by Priya, a technical writer at National Instruments at Bangalore.

Priya won a Mug of Joy :)