My Top Three in Tech Comm

A few weeks back, I saw a young couple asking ‘top three’ from each other, by turn. For example, the questions were ‘Your top three preferred holiday destinations’, or ‘three persons you love to meet whom you have never seen and who are alive’.

Their conversation gave me some food for thought as I tried to apply it to my work life. I loved this exercise and it contributed to my clarity of thought when I am at work. I have listed a few questions that I asked myself and my answers to self.

Three professional events that I want to attend in 2014

  • Tekom (Germany)
  • Content Strategy Forum (csforum 2013 was planned in Helsinki)
  • IA Summit (IA Summit 2013 was planned in Baltimore, MD)

Notable omissions: Lavacon (see Lavacon 2013), Intelligent Content Conference (ICC 2014)

Three books I want to read

  • Information Development: Managing Documentation Projects, Portfolio, and People (Paperback) by JoAnn T. Hackos (See details)
  • DITA Best Practices: A Roadmap for Writing, Editing and Architecting in DITA by Laura Bellamy, Michelle Carey, Jenifer Schlotfeld (See details)
  • Content Strategy 101: Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset, by Sarah S. O’Keefe (Author) , Alan S. Pringle  (Author) , Ann Rockley (Foreword)  (See details)

Three professionals whom I have never met in person and I would like to meet and discuss content and tech comm

Notable Miss outs: Richard Lippincott

Three companies or Brands I would have loved to worked with

  • Apple
  • Apple
  • Google

Three online documentation examples that I like or refer to for structure, model, comprehensiveness, style, purpose-driven, accuracy and experience

  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • BaseCamp

PS: Responding to the above questions almost tired me out and hence is the following question.

Three countries or cities that I wish technical communicators should spend their vacations

  • Cape Town
  • Prague
  • Vienna

If you are interested to answer these questions, please use the comments below.