Santa and Entrepreneurs: Common Grounds

Born in a small town in a Hindu family, I did not know of Santa or Christmas and its background till I was around 15 years of age. In my early 20s, I got some idea of Santa and the Christmas flavor, with the buzz around for Christmas trees, candies, and the gifts. Now in last couple of years when I have got to know more about the whole background of Santa, I realized that there is lot of common ground in Santa and Entrepreneurs.

Change Agents

Entrepreneurs are change agents; they are trying to bring at least some change in the world. I read Dan Martell offering salute to the entrepreneur, where he wrote that entrepreneurs deserve credit and applause for trying to bring some change in our lives. This is exactly what we expect from Santa too! To kids, Santa is definitely a change agent.


Entrepreneurs have their own stories. Every product has its story, whether it is innovation, imitation, stroke of luck, or any other trigger. Brand stories really took off in 2014 and content marketers and brand agencies should have a great opportunity in 2015. Same is true for Santa, regarding stories. Kids know the best about Santa stories.

Only Me

Every entrepreneur at least at some stage of the business idea (validation, strategy or development) thinks that THIS is something only I am doing and nobody else. Same is true for Santa; Santa does not have a competition. Only Santa can do what He is doing!


Entrepreneurs strive for traction; they engage their audience and traction is so very important for their business model. Santa has a huge traction that kids around the world love to grow believing in him, every year.


Entrepreneurs register their assets as trademark to retain all copyrights; they own their brand name, assets, artwork. This is what exactly Santa too has ensured; his name, brand, and artwork is only his property!

If you are an entrepreneur, do you think that the world’s expectations from you are somewhat similar to their expectations from Santa? What makes you feel that way?