Stories Getting Their Due

I am a big fan of MasterChef India. As a viewer, I love the drama, the way participants adhere to the instructions, their energy and the passion, and how judges evaluate a dish for different parameters. They expect balance against some standards which makes sense to most of the aspects in our life.

As an entrepreneur, I love the way the judges setup stories for participants. This is brand MasterChef that sets up emotional connection with the participants that binds millions of viewers watching the program.

The participants talk about their struggles in the past, how they failed, crawled, and got up to participate in MC, and now they aim higher. I see that the audience connects more to the participant because of that story, and less to the dish. So much so that sometimes, the time spent by the judges talking about the dish is less than the time they spend on the participant’s story.

Vinish Garg Stories

Weeks later when we see that one participant is about to be eliminated from the final list of 5, viewers wish that X or Y should stay, somewhere because of that emotional connection setup by their story. Stories.

When I take my three years old son Naman to a physician, the time the doctor takes to actually see his throat and use the stethoscope is almost equal to the time he takes to get friendly with my son, shake hands, keep him busy, and setup the story. Naman is engaged in the conversation and the physician gets those 2 or 5 minutes to complete the procedure. Stories.

One of my friends is working on a product that helps users write a book. When he shared the first version of landing page, it conveyed the message concisely that users can write a book and then convert it to PDF, EPUB and other formats. There was a nicely done message that asked users to request an invite. What it lacked was a story that could setup an emotional connection. When I proposed such changes, I saw the nod immediately. I would share that landing page when it is live for public, in a later post. Stories.

It is good to see that brands realize the value of story telling. However many small businesses are yet to accept it in their content marketing strategy. Time to give ‘Stories’ its due.

Image credit: Captured from the YouTube video that I shared in the post!