The Speedometer and Anniversary Wishes

To my brother and his wife

To, the speed

When we were kids, you longed for sports shoes. In school, you loved bread-sauce more than the bread-jam. Then it was Maggie, or a Burger. Matching steps with the city life, you were responding to the changing times, though a tad faster.

Speed was not in the scooter wheel, it was in the mind. Acceleration was not in the machine, it was in the spirit. Fuel was not sought at the fuel station, it was in the pockets.

The street corners were changed frequently, and so was the sauce, and the business card. The number of wheels increased from 2 to 4, but nothing changed much except that the things were changing the same way. A SIM card, a property, inventory and retail, maintenance, logistics. A deal.

To me, it was the battle between affordability and need. To you, it was never a battle; you were in the No-Choice zone. I wonder whether it was change within speed or speed within the change.

Some alignment was due. Soon, it was on the cards. It was not about the ballot, it was about belief.

The calendar was marked for 10th July 2009. Whatever was the day.

  • A new force joined the forces and the whole physics changed. The dynamics (arguments) were different, for better.
  • The geometry changed for To Prove and Hence Proved. The mathematics was changed within the rules.
  • The catalysts changed for a more balanced chemical equation.

There were milestones for a home, a new car and then the secret sauce that binds you forever — that little angel.

To, the meter

You saw the wheels and you saw the rush. You gave needle to that speed. I do not mean that you controlled, but a meter is a must where there is speed. You cannot control, but you can ensure check points.

Though the mechanics do not allow you to contribute to steering, the speedometer certainly guides steering decisions. Together, you make that speedometer.

Happy wedding anniversary to the couple on 10th July.

Anniversary Wishes to My Brother and His Wife

To, the speedometer

Accelerate with luck. Start at zero at refill. Focus on maintenance till your next due milestone. Cheers!