Moved to 41-APAL, Whistles Town

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  • March 4, 2017

I am 41 today. While writing this post yesterday, I realized that it has been about Amazing People in an Awesome Life (APAL) so far.

For whatever I have been doing for last many years, I am incredibly thankful to people and things around me. And as I prepare myself today to respond to whatsapp-facebook type birthday greetings notifications, I can sense all those people and things whistling at me. Whistling and not beeps because I see the curved lips, to round off their thoughts about me.

I feel as if for the moment, my new address is 41-APAL, Whistles Town.

I do not remember what I was thinking on this day last year for my business, health, or for folks at home. It does not matter why I won a new contract or I lost one. Whether I closed ContentHug or prototyped a personal branding tool. Whether I joined hands with an absolutely incredible Relayto team or I quit a content association. Whether I got my gall bladder removed, or had a run for my morning run schedule.

What happened has a role to play but what matters more is how I look forward for folks and family, business and travel, and for my cholesterol.

While writing this post last night, I slept and I could immediately sense the whistles getting louder.

05:30 AM

I woke up and here is the whistles’ transcription.

[Products say]

Vinish, we have enjoyed the cuts caused by your doctor-like autopsy. We are living a second life because of your role in the process.

[Content says]

Vinish, you continued to take the road less traveled, whether it was for Content ConversationsCSF Glossary project, a mention in Zapier guide, or for your participation in the online community.

I am omnipresent, omnificent, and omnisituation, and you have an important role to play in my future.

[This screen says]

You look at me for hours, daily. You read, write, draw, click, and open anything in Product Hunt, Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Angel List, Basecamp, Relayto, or Gmail.

Millions of words in thousands of styles in hundreds of colors.

You adjust me when I am bright, I will respond better when you are stuck next time.

[People say]

We shall continue to be what we are and you continue to do what you have been doing. We are getting closer — like a few particles in a chemistry lab, for a common cause. As for work, the road less taken is often less-crowded but as long as you are competing with self, the crowd does not matter. Keep peopling.

[My Son says]

Can I do anything when I grow up? For instance, can I discover a new moon that we can see in afternoon, India time? Can I drive uphill fast? Can I jump that high? Can I wear your shoes?

I think I can do anything because I think you can do anything because you are my father. So, you ought to stay fit and healthy.

6:00 AM

As I got up, the whistles stayed.

I felt as if I had landed in a whistling town. Everything around me had something to say.


Sometimes, you drive like a Pro — you should drive like an amateur. Other times, you drive like a novice — you should drive like an expert. Happy steering.

[Food and Health]

You eat fast — you should eat slow. Run more, and take care of your phone when you are running. Happy cuisines ahead.

[My Phone]

I love you too. Happy ringing.

I Respond

[To Products, and Content]

We see unhappiness everywhere around us — in neighborhood, at work, while shopping, or in travel. Even when we see delight and that people are enjoying something, there is a niggle for something they are struggling with. In many cases, it may be for poor customer service (aka customer support, customer experience) for using internet or booking cab, watching movie or a show, for online shopping, dealing with people, or for anything.

The world can be a much better place to live for all of us, if only products and services can focus on a flawless customer support. I have a role to play here while working with product teams. Thanks for your kind words.

[To Family and Friends]

Like everyone else in the world, I struggle with something. Whether it is in planning investments or finances, or to pick a sauce while at the nearby Subway. I look forward to the day when I wake up in the morning and find that such known issues are addressed.

I will smile all day today, because of you.

As I work with people to make things easier for them and they help me pay my bills, I am excited to see what happens next.

[To the Known and Unseen]

While seeking work or while seeking talent or partners, it is about scripts and roles.

Organizations have a script (a narrative, journey map) and candidates look for a role. I am working on something that brings context to the way we approach work.

I see the need. I see the merit. And I see the promise. Hope to share the story when I move to 42-APAL. If you are interested in this Unknown and Unseen, you can subscribe here for the updates.

It is just like a chef opening his refrigerator to see his dish once again. Or a movie maker sitting alone in a theater and watching his movie. So this post is not a self-pampering exercise. I have just moved to 41-APAL, Whistles Town.

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