My Valentine Ring

My valentine is not with me. She is inside me.

This Means

I can talk to her anytime — it never happens that she does not respond to my call or text.

I do not need TIME to talk to her — she is always in my time.

We do not to need to agree to not to talk about Congress, that movie, or the red sauce.

So, we are in synch.


I still make myself wait to talk to myself — so there is an effort too.

To wait. To align. To agree.

My Gift to My Valentine

I spend more time in shower.

I send that message — and receive it — and smile about it.

I walk alone, without a purpose — on a service road.

I buy an ice cream or a peanut butter jar— and lick my lips.

I follow myself for whatever I like — my readings, writings, including this post.

I question myself — with reluctance. Then answer — reluctantly.

I say No to a phone call — I know when I am in DND mode with self.

I sleep with myself.

My Spirit is My Valentine. My Spirit is My Valentine Ring.

Vinish Garg Valentine Day

My Valentine is inside me. My Spirit. And she is demanding, apologetic, moody, and in a private theater within me.

I make that extra effort to love myself well so that I am strong enough to love others. You too, find your ring.

Photo by Anne Edgar on Unsplash