For My Birthday—I Applied for a License

On 04 March 2017, I moved to 41-APAL Town which means that I turned 41 and it was about Amazing People in an Awesome Life.

Today as I turn 42, I am happier because I am in an Even space—42. Historically, I have loved even numbers more because the odds are not stacked against anything noteworthy—and as a storyteller, I love to round off things.

My wish for this birthday? Well, yes.

A License To

  • Yell (softly) at programmers and UI folks who claim to be UX engineers but they are not
  • Attend a minimum of two conferences worldwide — and present at these
  • Stop my car in the middle of the road when it is raining

Make my son understand architecture as a discipline and help him write his own stories. Architecture brings many other skills together — it is about humans, energy, space, engineering, design, study, and craft of course.

  • Surround myself more with amazing people
  • Bridge fragmentation in our living standards for more common sense, more civic sense, and more business sense
  • Plan writing a book — for how I live my work like Low Volume Thoughts
  • Appreciate what is charming to my eye — the world is more beautiful than we think and we need to express it and share it even more

I need to file the license application — to myself.

Interestingly — On March 04

For my connection with black (written) and blue (ink), I am happy for 04 March for:

  • It is the National Grammar Day, in the US
  • In 1924 on this day — Happy Birthday To You was first published by Claydon Sunny

The Privileges of License

This license should help me find:

  • People who are more willing to learn and put their learning into their work practice. Right now, they are not investing to do better and — and it annoys me. Many of the world’s annoyances and frustrations and struggles can be addressed (minimized if not eliminated) if the companies make right investments in their content and design processes.
  • A laptop that never stops responding, and with a battery for lifetime
  • Organizations who can sponsor my travel to professional conferences worldwide (SaaStr 2019, Lavacon 2018, CMWorld, and more)
  • A day when Chandigarh’s best ice cream and shakes and smoothies and salads vendors invite me to feast on their servings all day, any time, without a reason of course—and without being judgmental about any dish
  • Someone with whom I can organize and host a world class technology event in a new brand—that eventually becomes an annual affair
  • A hook so that exercise and me are hooked to each other
  • An unaccountable — out-of-calendar day when I am alone in the city — walking and driving and running — thinking and eating and taking pictures— knowing that nobody is around to see me in the city.
  • Monetize my stories like The Weuday I had no Furniture A Credit Note Email Drafts -able A Wedding Invite and many more in Low Volume Thoughts
  • Relive Summar in Summer

To write this post in Medium, to share it on social with my friends, family, and with people whom I know across boundaries and continents — I owe this energy to all of you. I wish it stays the same next year too, when I am 43, and the odds may be different.

Your License For Comments

In fewest words, I plan to make more sense of the time I have in next 12 months. You have got the License to comment below. No?