Friday Reel

Starting today, I will post a Friday Reel post on every Friday evening, to share my work, gains, contributions, or readings in the week.

A startup is working on something in AgriTech and we discussed their brand voice. I am working on this voice message architecture, and we discussed the structure and basic elements of the landing page where they plan to announce the product, and the message.

Wrote and published a post on accessibility, and so glad to see Molly’s support for the post and her comment there in the post.

Exchanged emails and messages (LinkedIn) with 3 guests in the content conversations series. I started working on the questions, and the series kicks off in a couple of weeks now.

Share relevant posts with my friends. First one is in travel industry who was looking for directions on millennial travel trends, and another friend is working on a discounting in SaaS, strategy. Here is my Refind profile for some of my readings.

Planned designs of new business cards for my brother in real estate business. Cards are still in practice in retail and logistics (onsite marketing and sales), and I love contributing to branding, where some design, plus content, plus common sense are involved.

I was little surprised to see the MailChimp’s post on their documentation process, as I tweeted here. I left a comment there 4 days back and I cannot see it there, neither published nor in queue. If they removed it, it is quite unfortunate and it is a dent in my brand trust for MailChimp.

Dropped comments on Fred Wilson’s posts on, on Decentralization, and on CMI’s Content Brand.

Dropped notes on How Much is a Word Worth, by Malcom Haris. I got 100+ claps (and still counting).

Vinish Garg Friday Reel

And another one Why Bother Deleting Facebook, by Nat Eliason.

Got a new domain for my uncle who wants to build an online community to share his knowledge and experience for retired people or who are close to retirement. The goal is exchange knowledge in financial investments or post-retirement security concerns in the community.

Here is the weekly delight: The Pitch (video) by Jack Conte of Patreon.

Read this amazing post on Rationality and Romanticism, by Aeon

And I resumed contributions to Low Volume Thoughts.

PS: A week before, I also enjoyed my note to Scott Berkun’s post on Designers and Politics.