Friday Reel

A continued working on the brand voice for a startup in AgriTech.

Finalized the first content conversation in the new series, and it goes live on 02 May (Wednesday next week). The first post is on The State of Content Strategy in Healthcare. I completed the second interview too and shared it with the next guest, you keep guessing. I am quite pumped up at this new series.

Watched the webinar by Patrick Campbell of Price Intelligently, in collaboration with – on SaaS Pricing and Sales Growth. I totally loved it to know how pricing are so closely tied to conversions, churn, and growth.

I saw Eric Ries announces HiringPlan on Product Hunt, and I dropped my comment there. Happy to see that the makers liked my note.

Share relevant posts with my friends. For example, the Little Trade-Offs by Signal and Noise (a Medium Publication). Here is my Refind profile for some of my readings.

The business cards of my brother’s real estate consultancy shaped into a real design. Here is the first look, and I plan to optimize it for more clarity and balance.

Vinish Garg Friday Reel Business Cards

I noticed that ICC has announced the detailed schedule for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, in England. Common sense prevails as they stick to the best possible format (1992 was the only instance when it was tried and it was a success of course) where every team plays every other team – a fair chance to all.

Read this amazing post on A History of What We Do in the Dark, by Pacific Standard

And I resumed contributions to Low Volume Thoughts.