The Best Jobs in Technology? But Who Will Sell?

I saw this tweet by techvibes on the best ten tech jobs in 2018, in Canada.

I saw the post and the list reads as:

  • Machine Learning Engineer – $97,796
  • Full Stack Developer – $82,711
  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer – $98,878
  • Internal Medicine Physician – $253,445
  • Data Scientist – $93,286

When I see the detailed report by Indeed, all these are technology roles. So, machine learning, data wrangling, and so engineering is hot.

Product Hunt daily listing is another good reference to see what kind of products are shining, and so what skills they may be inviting on board.

But my question is, who will sell what these roles are making?

But Who Will Sell Products?

  • Can the engineering team communicate the message on product page, in the UX text, and in onboarding steps.
  • Can engineers convert well?
  • Can founders own the narrative strategy to craft compelling stories for long term gains?

We have factories that smoke out products, with totally lop-sided focus on production, packaging, and shipping.

The other day I saw a product team launching a product for doctors and medical stores, and they were super excited to sign up a few doctors. The whole message and the call to action was a disconnect to what they are trying to achieve. The promise in the content that makes users sign up is different from what the team communicates elsewhere in the product.

It failed to make me sign up (I am not a doctor but I get a good sense of a product story and its goal within 5 minutes of using it).

So coming to my original point, world’s smartest people are writing good code to design amazing experiences to solve real-world problems, or to add joy and options to whatever luxury we already have. They have got the right market-product fit, and they do not need money to prototype and launch. There is an intent.

But what will they do with the code or design, if they cannot sell it well enough?

How will the product scale? If it scales, how will it mature?

Where is the position for storytellers, the story designers, the narrative strategists?

I do not see the list of ten top jobs changing any soon, but it should. That can actually change the success rate of startups, for good. Anyone?

Vinish Garg Technology Jobs Selling Storytelling

Photo by 2 L on Unsplash