Friday Reel

A Friday recap on my work, readings, and contributions in the week.

Work: I am working on a brand story a seed round B2B startup, for pitching to customers. While plotting the dots for the sales pitch around two weeks back, I realized that I need to have a skeleton framework that I can use as a reference, anytime, to share my thought process. This skeleton can be a good reference for another project as well. And so, I started investing in this framework.

Interviews: In my content strategy conversations series, I published the second post – Content Strategy in Non-Profits, by Jess Sand, on 16 May. This tweet shows that there is lot of merit in what Jess says. The next post is almost ready where the guest talks about Content Strategy in Financial Corporations.

On Twitter: In a post by Simple [A] on content for multi-channel, multi-model world, I saw a note on the need for marcomm and techcomm convergence. This voice is ringing for a few years now, and I wonder why we do not talk about product content (microcopy, UX writing) convergence with marcomm (because UX content is invariably converged in techcomm). I tweeted, and saw a positive node by Cruce Saunders and Noz Urbina (though later, Noz and I took the discussion in another direction).

Then this one:

And, how terms like digital marketing and content strategist are hijacked, so brutally. This is not a good news for anyone in the industry.

Readings: The most delightful readings have been Strategic Content and Commerce by First Round Review,  Design Leadership, by Intercom, How to Love What You Do, by Zat Rana (on Medium),

Here is my Refind profile for some of my readings.

And I resumed contributions to Low Volume Thoughts: