Content Strategy in Financial Corporations— An Interview with Lauren Lucchese of Capital One

I ran a series of content conversations, twice in the past. At present, I am running part three in the series and with a difference. This time, we see guests sharing their content strategy experiences in specific industries.

Today, we have Lauren Lucchese (of Capital One) as our guest, and Lauren is talking about Content Strategy in Financial Corporations.

“It’s our responsibility now more than ever to understand the emotional contexts people are in when they are trying to do something, and make sure that this contextual data is built into the system in a way that enables more meaningful conversations between Eno and our customers. It’s how we get to a point where we’re designing conversations that embrace the natural language that customers use to communicate with us, and helps us build experiences that get smarter with each interaction.”

Thank you Lauren Lucchese, for your thoughtful comments.

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