I Slept with My Ex Car Today

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  • September 28, 2018

I owned the same car since Feb 2011. I used this car for my office, for traveling to my clients, for my workshops and meetups, to Elante, to Metro, or my coffee shop visits.

Many a times, we both got oiled and re-oiled together. On the wheels and when parked.

My car actually took care of me when I needed to move, or to wait.

I lost and found and lost so many things here.

I got a new used car last month, and so my original car is parked at home since then.

Today I thought of using the old one for my office, and to decide if I need to sell it off.

As I opened the door, I smelt of myself.

I sensed the moisture.

The steering clutched me tight.

Acceleration, and soon the meter suggested that we were moving.

I felt as if I was sleeping with her.

(I will continue this post tomorrow.)

Vinish Garg Sleeping With Used Car

Photo credits: Unsplash