OUTCOME: A UX Design Conference. Why is it For Every Product Team in Chandigarh

We have two days to go for OUTCOME, and it has been pretty exciting last few weeks as a build up for the day.

As part of promotions via emails and on social media (see Twitter), I have extensively shared many reasons and use cases for why OUTCOME is so relevant to almost every product team in the region.

This video is a small introduction to the conference, following by a random pick of five reasons from my campaign.


Design Vaccination

We fix the code. We update how the faceted search works for ecommerce filters. We reset API calls.

The Search code is saved in 5 different versions in our Git, and the naming conventions, comments, and pressure to use the right version – are saved in so many minds.

The solution is – Design Vaccination (see details)

Careers on Golf Swing

Ever wonder what you may be doing in a year from now? Or in 2022? A PM? A UX architect? A design strategist? UX lead?

The golf-like swing is on. OUTCOME is to help all of us to reset our grip, our shoulders, and our feet.

The presenters and the participants can help you in planning the trajectory. (See details)

Our Investments

Varun is my banker, and he called me about an hour back if I want to invest in their new Fixed Deposit scheme. I had to quickly think where professionals generally invest, and in what hope! For a return of 8%? My apartment may give me 15% in x years?

What about the investments where we cannot measure the ROI? (See details.)

A Short Story

“Once I was in a ..” (See details.)

UX Design for Overall PEACE

The ROI of strategic UX investments is generally about hours saved, cost saved, customer success and NPS, and Organization ROI. There is much more to these measurable benefits (see details).


See the complete list if something in the above five excites you.

OUTCOME is a UX Design Conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg