Borders and Margins in Our Own Code

Most of us have used browser’s code review functions to a quick reference to the code styling. For example, I use Chrome’s Inspect Element though I rarely need it.

Last week, I had to say NO to a potential project because I found that one of the partners in client side was not easy to work with. It was a fair judgement but the moment I declined the offer, I thought of reviewing myself for my borders and margins.

Could I have adjusted my border-radius?

I thought of doing an Inspect Element of self (in context).

Locate the specific region on the interface.

Select specific line of code.

Look at the properties and attributes.

Repeat for more code.

The code was clean and semantically rich.

However, I could have easily identified that:

The margins are not correct for responsive situations.

Respond more intuitively.

The border is solid 1.5em.

Compassion comes back.

The tag name does not comply to standards.

The standards where we operate.

The naming conventions are poor.

Use shared vocabulary or define new terms in time.

The ALT tag is missing.

Setup context before we load.

For a minute, I loved the exercise.

Vinish Garg Code Review