The 8Knorks Cuisine—As Design Leaders, do We Own the Loss to the Business

Since I am in the middle of introducing the 8Knorks guests now, here is the basic structure and the core why of why we need to sit together.

  • The roadmap in the spreadsheet with milestones
  • The dashboard we are designing today
  • The filters we add to the list of restaurants or institutes or cars
  • The interactive annotation that we add to a tower on the map

Can you think of any one example of your work in 2016 that you are so proud of today, because it is making the difference it promised in 2016. Any URL? 


In either case, do you have any idea of how many customers might NOT have converted, or dropped off, or did not upgrade to a paid plan, or are inactive after the first time login?

Do you think that we should own this *loss* to that business? Why or why not?

Why products do not sell, or scale? And what we as product design leaders can do about it? 

This is the 8Knorks cuisine. To identify the gaps and to setup standards and a culture of shared understanding of why we work together as a team.

We may indulge in a morning tea or coffee even if our partner advises against having it. We make up for that by investing in a breakfast and other dishes in the day that are good for our body. Because we know the stakes.

However our work is not that morning sip. This is what defines us, our team, our organization or client, their customers, and the customers’ network. Wooooff!! Look at the stakes (a reading on stakes).

I cannot think of a reason… of why we do not need to fight mediocracy to raise our standards.

The fact that our CTA is helping some patients to book an appointment, to order a dish, and to assign a job, makes us feel good. Taken. We must remember that the brands where we have poor experience too think the same about us – see examples of PaytmUnbounceMailChimpThey are not covering the *Edge Cases* and such UX rarely scales for smaller teams.

The boundaries are blurring between digital design, industrial design (smart cities, ocean cleaning, driverless cars), and system design, and we need few more dinner table discussions to make sure that the way we plan our filters, interactions, and mockups are relevant in 2024. Join us on the 8Knorks table.

12 July. Design driven Dinner. The Lalit Hotel, Chandigarh. 
Only two seats, apply today.