Love All or D F N P T H

Last week, I had an eye infection and I went to a specialist for my eye investigation.

As I had anticipated and fairly enough, I saw a Snellen Chart and soon I was reading different sets of characters, by using different power eye-lens. (Reading: Eye Charts)

Selecting a specific set of characters must have some science. However for a minute, I found it so typewriters’ stuff. We are so close to digital now and I wonder why they don’t try it in different fonts?

For example, I would have loved something as below.

Vinish Garg writes a blog post on fonts and digital role in eye test.

And then a different set of characters.

If we go back into the history, the salespersons in the years around 1910 carried a vision test card in their pockets when they traveled.

We will be in 2020 in less than a hundred days.

I have not studied any medical care subject and I am not an expert in eye care at any level. However, it would have been good fun to take a test of reading English alphabets in different fonts. Those who are in product design would love some change.

Now, a bit of an exercise for you.

If you are given a chance to advise the eye care specialists for what they should use to test their patients’ eyes, what you will advise? I would do a


(Now read alternate letters.) I tweeted it as well.

It makes LOVE ALL

More fun

While waiting in the queue for my turn, I would love to see an exercise where a digital board asks me to test my eyes by completing a story – *Once there was a … *. How bias and baggage can add magic to the eyesight should be fun!