The CoMoDAY is planned by TheContentMotorist, with the objective to bring together regional technical writers to network and exchange ideas and knowledge. Professional groups, bodies and organizations all over the world plan conferences and summits for UI, UX, Usability, Technical Writing, Content Management, and these are often a huge success. Such events span across 2-3 days with parallel tracks for speakers who speak on a variety of topics.

However, every such beginning starts small, and so Vinish Garg has planned for this event in Chandigarh.


14 September 2013. Mark your calendar! The call for proposals for the event is open now. You are welcome to present on different aspects of technical documentation such as for documentation best practices, information architecture, authoring software, the documentation project planning, or anything else. The detailed and final agenda will be added here after the papers are shortlisted. The proposed program is as below.

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09:00 AM to 09:30 AM


09:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Introduction (Vinish Garg)

10:00 AM to 10:45 AM

Introduction to UX and UX Principles in Documentation (Rajesh Khurana, Rajiv Tiwari)

10:45 AM to 11:00 AM

Tea break

11:00 AM to 11:45 AM

Aerospace Technical Publication (Rohit Manhas)

11:45 AM to 12:30 PM

Analysis and Metrics in Content (Shena Garg)

12:30 PM to 01:15 PM

DITA-An Introduction (Nisha Sharma, Akansha Dhingra)

01:15 PM to 01:30 PM

Closing and Thank you Note


The event is scheduled for 14 September 2013.


The CoMoDAY gives you a chance to present at the event. You can have a look at the confirmed speakers below. We shall add to this section, as more sessions are confirmed.

  • Vinish Garg
  • Technical Writer, Business Analyst
  • LinkedIn
  • Rajesh Khurana
  • Specialist (CPI, UX), Ericsson
  • LinkedIn
  • Rajiv Tiwari
  • Technical Writer, Ericsson
  • LinkedIn
  • Rohit Manhas
  • Sr. Technical Author, IDS Infotech
  • LinkedIn
  • Shena Garg
  • Drupal Expert, Analyst, vhite
  • LinkedIn
  • Nisha Sharma
  • Senior Technical Writer, Ericsson
  • Akansha Dhingra
  • Technical Writer, Ericsson


Who is this event for?

This event is for technical writers, UX engineers particularly who are involved in knowledgebase development, content management specialists, business analysts, information architects, the managers who are looking for writers or who plan to sub-contract documentation work, and for anybody whose work involves writing, planning, or publishing content.

What will I gain?

Participation in a minimum of three presentations, networking for hiring or employment opportunities, knowledge sharing conversations for industry best processes, tools and practices, and coffee

What are dates and location of this event?

The event is scheduled for 14 September 2013 (Saturday), in Chandigarh. Please see event venue for details.

How much it costs to me?

The event is FREE for speakers who are shortlisted to present their papers. The registration is also FREE for a limited number of participants from the sponsor company. However, there are early bird discounts for registration that begins at as low as INR 150 per person.

You can contact me at: vinish.garg@vhite.com if you have any questions.



Altruist Technologies

Altruist Technologies

Altruist Technologies started in the year 2005, has emerged as a front runner in the Mobile Social Networking space in India, Indonesia & Nigeria and fast spreading to other similar geographies. Besides its flagship voice based mobile social network it runs jobs on phone, manages end to end the mobile/digital strategy for multiple media clients and brands, hosts and manages voice infrastructure for leading content owners and distributors.

  • Altruist is the clear market leader in the mobile social networking domain in India, Indonesia and Nigeria.
  • Altruist has strong technology capabilities to provide an array of services in MVAS space.
  • Altruist has a 432 people strong team with rich experience in Telecom and VAS.
  • Altruist has tie-ups with the leading Indian Telecom Operators covering 100% subscribers in India, 70% in Nigeria and 50% in Indonesia.
  • Altruist has 13 offices in India and is well poised to offer localized and relevant services.

WorkPlace Ninja

Workplace Ninja

This event is co-sponsored by WorkPlaceNinja.com, a website for all the Ninjas at work. WorkPlaceNinja.com has informative articles & suggestions which help you in learning the practical, smart skills you need to excel in your career.

Whether you are in an executive or a managerial role, these skills can help you in becoming an exceptionally effective employee, a great manager and leader, an asset to your organization, in being more successful in your career – and being the Ninja at work.

Registration and Sponsorship Process

You can contact me at: vinish.garg@vhite.com if you want to:

  • Present at the event (be a speaker)
  • Participate in the event
  • Sponsor the event (for venue)

We shall send you the proposal format details and sponsorship requirements details based on your interest. Some basic details are listed below.


The registration is FREE for all speakers. The registration is also FREE for a limited number of participants from the sponsor company.

tech comm event in Chandigarh

For payments, you will get the bank details where you can pay and we shall confirm the registration same day.


  • For sponsors, we seek a conference hall and some refreshments during tea break. Confirmed now.
  • The sponsors' business reference and logo will be listed here on this website.

Event Venue

The event venue is:

Altruist Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Tower C, Second Floor
DLF Building, IT Park

Some Details for Participants from Outside Chandigarh:

  • Distance between the event venue and Chandigarh railway station is 6 to 7 km. The public transport should not take more than 15 minutes to help you reach the venue.
  • Distance between the event venue and Chandigarh airport is 9 km. The public transport should not take more than 30 minutes to help you reach the venue. See here for some details.

About Chandigarh

  • Some quick facts about Chandigarh, including notes on transportation and some local places to see: Click here
  • For details on some local places to see: Click here
  • A Chandigarh tourism official bus is available to take tourists to different places; see the details here
  • This video can also help you to know about City Beautiful, Chandigarh.

Places to see around Chandigarh

Chhat Bir Zoo, Pinjore Gardens, Timber Trail, Khalsa Heritage Complex, Kasauli, Morni Hills

About Accommodation

Interested participates can contact me and I shall send them separate emails with some details on hotels that are decent yet affordable, and are near to the event venue.

Why you should attend it


The drivers often felt uneasy, tied-down or even stranded when seat belts were first introduced in India in the 1990s. As if deprived of freedom to move. Gradually, the benefits were there to see and now the ‘seat-belt’ is a way of life while driving. DITA too raises somewhat similar apprehensions. As if it binds our hands. Nisha and Akansha from Ericsson talk about it on 14 September, in Chandigarh.


Traditionally, not many technical writers are good at balance sheets... but not many can overlook the importance of analytics and metrics either. Shena explains it why and how. At 11:45 AM, 14 September 2013, Chandigarh.


No writer writes an instruction for a manager and no manager reviews it for an employee. We are all entrepreneurs of our work. And every entrepreneurship journey is punctuated with community participation, knowledge sharing meets, and networking. The clean and wide Chandigarh roads welcome you to this journey. September 14.


[Generalization] 'Boiled Rice', OR [Specialization] 'Creamy Pappardelle with Leeks and Bacon'. Rohit adds the specialization to the CoMoDay in Chandigarh.


Today is Wednesday. Like any other day. Breakfast. Transport. Desk. Meetings. Emails. Tags. Styles. Publish. Review. Checklist. Content. One Saturday can be different. Mark it:


Independence Day reminds us of the 'Change', for the whole spirit and our existence as an individual, as community, and as society. Chandigarh accepts it for Tech Comm as well. Register now!


[Event] This year, festival days do not begin in October. Chandigarh starts it in September. IT celebrates it with content. Register now!


[Technical Writing Event]: What are you doing on 14-Sep-2013? Not Sure? Lets Have Coffee With Content. Register now!


[Chandigarh] Elante. Capitol Complex. Leisure. Rock Garden. Now "Technical Writing Event". Register now!


"Lorem Ipsum? I dislike it in wireframes, it takes away the context", why not to speak about it? Register now!


[Content and Romance]: We need a community to discuss the romance of Eiffel Tower. Same is true for 'Technical Writing'. Register now!