Vinish Garg works with high-growth product teams to ensure that they make right investments in UX, product design, content strategy, and in their brand narrative strategy.

Vinish ensures that the product team works for the right balance in business success goals (brand experience), and customer success goals (customer experience).

Vinish owns a digital agency, vhite, and he loves making products. In 2018, Vinish launched Outcome, a series of product focussed programs and events and they organized the first of its kind UX design conference in Chandigarh, in February 2019.

Know more about him at LinkedInTwitter, Angel List, SlideShare, or elsewhere too.

Vinish lives in one of India’s most beautiful cities, Chandigarh. Fittingly, for the city’s grid-like original architecture maps well with the narrative structure required in products and in stories.

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John Paul Narowski of karmaCRM says

Vinish was more than instrumental in helping us completely redo our support center. We decided to completely scrap our knowledge base and started from scratch. Without question we wouldn’t have made this decision without Vinish. One of my favorite thing about working with Vinish was that he didn’t just write docs, he provided suggestions for best practices and backed it up with research. He helped guide us through the process and was vocal about how he things should be done to maximize value and clarity. He wasn’t just a writer, he was a partner throughout the entire process.

Dieter Marlovics of ReallyColor

“vhite took on an incredibly sophisticated Drupal 7 implementation for us and handled it exceptionally well. We not only needed a Drupal 7 application with out of the box functionality, but we had the need to extend Drupal with the following custom built features: 1) Subscription services via the MoneyScripts module tied into Stripe for payment. 2) Integration with a custom binary executable application that we had developed.”

Team Jusani Culture

“No large project can go completely smooth and with great timing but Vinish adapts to your situation and needs to complete goals. They are professional, knowledgeable, have great communication and if a challenge occurs in your project, they proactively work to solve it.”

Raymond Palmer Delio

Vinish took what was an idea on a napkin and turned it into an outstanding example of a IT RFP. Considering the scope creep and the delays on my end I am very pleased with the work and would certainly recommend this contractor to anyone looking to develop and document IT scope for and RFP. Many things I overlooked were caught in the contractors QA process.”


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Mark Baker, in his book Every Page is Page One

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Dad of Being Naman

I have a son who is six plus as in March 2018. When he turned six in August 2017, I gave him his digital space in Being Naman – his website where we both contribute to share his life learning and experiences.

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