I love products, and being one of the early contributors at Product Hunt has really helped me over the years. I was one of the earliest Product Hunt contributors, since January 2014.

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Being a storyteller, I am passionate about personal branding. It really baffles me when experienced professionals do not really invest in who they are (as I shared in this guest post for idratherbewriting), and for the way many organizations invest in their hiring processes (I shared my own process in this post).

This encouraged me to plan Stippi where you can write their personalized success stories to make better career decisions. See the Stippi story, and we are on Product Hunt too. Watch out.

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ContentHug is a manually picked listing of new content published in content strategy, technical communication, information architecture, and content marketing – from 170+ Sources.

ContentHug was iconic for me for one, it was a great product development experience for the vhite team. Two, it was incredible to see how some of the global content practitioners loved it.

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