My Key Takeaways in 2014 [1]: Product Hunt

A few minutes a day on Product Hunt is so internalized now, exactly the way I move to kitchen early morning for a cup of tea, or give instructions to my son while dropping him to school, or keep my one hand at CTRL+S while working on a draft.

Ever since Ryan opened the contributions for me earlier this year, I am hooked to Product Hunt, like so many others in the community. Here are my key takeaways from Product Hunt in the year 2014.

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A Habit Forming Product

Product Hunt certainly fits the bill well for Nir’s well known advocacy for habit-forming products. Whatever tasks I have at hand, I manage to squeeze in time for PH because I am hooked to it. Ryan talked about it at Nir’s blog.

Erik Torenberg was an early hire at Product Hunt. He deserves a lot of credit to develop the community, and the team’s flawless execution have helped Ryan realize his vision.

Simplicity, Precision

The way Ryan and Nathan Bashaw planned and rolled out PH in the beginning and the way it has evolved whether for user profiles and then for collections, the two constants are Simplicity and Precision. It underlines the importance of planning small and executing it perfectly.

My TEN Picks

In 2014, I got to know of so many products via PH, tried those, and got engaged in the discussions. Here is a list of ten products that specifically caught my eye. The list is in no particular order, neither for the upvotes or comments, nor for my preference.

The way Product Hunt is evolving of late, such as for Collections, I see myself staying connected and engaged with PH in 2015 as well. ‘Habit Forming Product’, as they say!

Ryan knows the pulse.

A quick recap on my takeaways from Product Hunt, in the year 2014:

  • Identify the pulse (which may not necessarily be the pain points)
  • Plan small, and focus on executing it well
  • Products and the discussions, and I am already using a few that I found at PH

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