51 Reasons: Why Startups Need a Knowledge Base

I completed my eBook project today, as a part of Smart Product Lab Challenge, by Gumroad. The eBook encourages startups to plan a product knowledge base before they launch it. You can get the eBook on Gumroad.

In this post, I share 51 reasons of why a knowledge base really helps startups.

  1. Self Service
  2. Reduced Support Calls
  3. Customers Love Google
  4. Metrics: Most Viewed Topics
  5. Metrics: Least Viewed Topics
  6. Metrics: Least Accessed Topics
  7. User Onboarding
  8. Churn Rate
  9. Customer Support: Consistency
  10. Customer Support: Authority and Support
  11. Customer Support: Saves Everybody’s Time
  12. Customer Support: Prepared for Specific Pain Points
  13. Customer Support: Content for Internal Reference
  14. Customer Support: Clarity of Instructions
  15. Customer Support: Findability
  16. Customer Support: Integrated Content Loop
  17. Customer Support: Customers’ Opportunity
  18. Customer Support: Timely and Accurate
  19. Content Strategy: Reuse and Vocabulary
  20. Content Strategy: Reuse Example
  21. Content Strategy: Mobile Content
  22. Content Strategy: Shared Calendar
  23. Content Strategy: An Aware Team
  24. Content Strategy: Mobile Metrics
  25. Content Strategy: Embedded User Assistance
  26. User Generated Content: What Customers Discuss
  27. User Generated Content: Customers’ Expectations
  28. User Generated Content: Open Questions
  29. User Generated Content: Users Trust Community More
  30. User Generated Content: Moderators’ Trust Value
  31. User Generated Content: Top Rated Articles
  32. User Generated Content: Customers’ Valuable Time
  33. User Generated Content: Empowered Customers
  34. User Generated Content: Poorly Rated Articles
  35. User Generated Content: Shared Articles
  36. Positioning: We Care
  37. Positioning: Google Loves Content
  38. Opportunity for Marketers
  39. Integrated Customer Service Process
  40. Volume of Solved Problems Increases
  41. Happiness Quotient
  42. Empowered Employees
  43. Global Access to Product Value
  44. Optimized Support Processes
  45. Another Eye for Product Testing
  46. Affordable
  47. Competitive Advantage
  48. Timeliness
  49. An Extension of Your Community
  50. Aware Customers
  51. In23Hours: Chance to Evaluate a Knowledge base

For some of these points, see the description below.

Customers Love Google When They Struggle to Use a Product

Vinish Garg Startups Knowledge Base Content Strategy

Customers Support Teams can Find Relevant Information, Quickly

Vinish Garg Startups Knowledge Base Content Strategy

A Public Knowledge Base Serves Everybody’s Purpose

Vinish Garg Startups Knowledge Base Content Strategy

Knowledge Base is an Extension of Your Blog

Vinish Garg Startups Knowledge Base Content Strategy

Blog posts can complement knowledge base articles to share more context of product features and benefits.

If any 25 of the above reasons resonate with your startup strategy and your customer service processes, you can get the eBook for more insights.