Guts and Glory. Conference. Vitamins. Canvas.

More often than not, we wear the same old hat in all conferences. Coffee, business cards, and handshakes. It is also true that we crave for meaningful experiences from a conference.

Guts and Glory gives you a chance. It offered you a chance to present and to volunteer. It has given you a few chances via a stream of exciting contests too, including a caption contest, and a film making contest.

Guts and Glory has raised the bar for technical communication conferences in India.

The STC India Annual Conference 2015 has really matured. Like a process. Like a film maker. Like a sportsperson who suddenly evolves and sets higher standards for the next playing season.

For a quick look at the promise, Sheece Baghdadi has captured it in a nice little video. You can see the coal and the tar. To walk or to test drive, be there in Pune.

Vitamins. The Experience.

We are living in the experience economy whether for using apps or to celebrate birthdays, and conferences are no different. The Guts and Glory team has orchestrated this event to ensure that it becomes an experience.

You do not need to bring your business cards. The participants will remember you by the conference experience, the conversations, by the signs of the transformation, and by the vibes of the emergence-in-progress.

For the transformation, you can join.

We all seek nourishment and nutrition both. Guts and Glory is like vitamins. For our senses. Look at the conference program. You should find it incredibly hard to let it go. Let us be a part of this evolving community that challenges our thought-process. Who forms this community? Leaders. Foodies. Intrepid Learners. Volunteers. Ultimately, we all are the change-makers.

You and the Canvas

The conference is meticulously planned for a purpose-driven audience and you can take out 3 days to focus on useful practices, trends, and ideas that are relevant to your work. It is not about Agile, IoT, or DITA. It is your diet for thought. If you have not registered yet, you should love yourself more.

The notes that you make when in a session are rarely referenced. What you often retain is how you are inspired by a speaker for concepts, for the big picture, the directions, and for the light. Be there for a vacation while on work.

Recall how you feel when you walk out after watching an awesome movie. The performance, the script, and the canvas stays with you for a while. Sometimes, for days. A conference as promising as Guts and Glory can do even better. You are part of the canvas. It can stay with you for life.

Keep in mind that the effort by Sheece for the video is purely a voluntary effort. Passion speaks. This passion is an extension of his personal brand. A small flight by a soaring bird will help you understand this extension better; read or listen to Udaan as it unfolds in a few days. Early December 2015.


  • Sit with strangers. Talk to strangers. Know and be known.
  • When you think of your expectations from Guts and Glory, think of the home made coffee that you ever had, one you can have at Cafe Coffee Day, and at Starbucks.
  • Register today.

For the vitamins.