ContentHug Curtains

ContentHug was planned with a vision. The first principle of the vision was to address my own pain points as I shared in our Makers Story. Unfortunately, we plan to discontinue the service for infinite time as we need to go back to the board for our goals and strategy.

The Delight

ContentHug succeeded in many ways as I got a chance to interact with many experts in the Conversations Series. It was a delight when people saw the value, such as:

Vinish Garg ContentHug

Two, the ContentHug emails campaigns have sustained an open rate or 35–40% which is comparable to industry standards as HubSpot says.

I cannot list everything that we gained from this ContentHug experience but the journey has not been less than remarkable.

However, The Signs

In late December 2015, I sensed that we were not moving in the direction that we had envisioned. We faltered at a few places, primarily it was in the strategy for traction, and to ensure value. The signs were visible.

Three weeks later on January 14, I sent an email to ContentHug subscribers for how likely they will recommend ContentHug to a person. The survey results were not too encouraging, and I appreciate their honest opinion.

Three, you could always see the latest updates on ContentHug. Now that I have not updated it since 15 January, and by 22 January, I got only three curious subscribers asking me why we are not sharing updates. Only 3.

This sums up the story.

What Next

As I said, we are going back to the board. That is why I call it ContentHug Curtains and not Walls. I am a huge fan of products and I will continue working on something. Stay tuned.