Epic List of +170 Sources for Content Community

This is a list of content publishing sources in content strategy, technical communication, information architecture, and in content marketing.

For ContentHug, we curated content from around 200 sources. These include blogs by individuals, by product owners, and by small and big publishing agencies. Although we closed ContentHug earlier this year, I have listed these sources in this post.

Note that:

  • I tried to arrange the sources in some logical categories but so many sources overlap for the variety of content that I cannot tag many sources as specific to CS, IA, or to TC. Hence a single long list.
  • I have not included sources such as TNW, Observer, Forbes, NPR, TechCrunch, Guardian, or FastCompany, although we picked some relevant posts from these sources.
  • I have not included a once-in-a-while publishing sources because ContentHug is committed to publish only current and relatively active content sources.
  • The list is not comprehensive. For example, I have not tried to include all product owners in technical communication. The list includes only those sources who are publishing relevant content, relatively actively.

I am sure this list can be useful to you to find new and relevant content for your interest.