Cheat Sheet: Content Strategist, Technical Communicator

Sarah Cooper wrote a series of witty cheat sheets including the one as Cheat Sheet Software Engineer. I was pumped to write one for content strategists and technical communicators (cannot separate these two, not even on Sunday).

We say = We mean

“It depends.” = We need to discuss.

“Write to me when you have fifteen minutes.” = We need to discuss.

“Is it ‘Articles’? Or Insights? Or Blog?” = We need to discuss.

“I am not sure if this additional Quick Guide is required.” = Lets discuss.

“Why?” = But Why?

“The confirmation messages are not consistent.” = Where is the style guide?

“The UI interface needs review. Can you please invite me to Slack?” = Where is the style guide?

Others say = We think

“We may need a one-page literature as well.” | But why?

“I just used my experience to move the [Logout] button out of the collapsible panel on sidebar.” | But why?

“I have scheduled a demo by <vendor> next Tuesday 11:00 AM.” | But why?

“Can you please review this new structure for case study documents? We need to push these for press by November.” | I need to see the roadmap first.

“Project-A does not seem to be on schedule in this sprint. For Project-B, we have a kickoff meeting on Thursday, 08:00 AM.” | I need to see the roadmap first.

“Hey, is this the latest version of Demo Guide template?” | Did you see my email?

“I did not know about your last discussion with Smith on the Coupon size.” | Did you see my email?

“Is it a ‘Business User’, or ‘Member’?” | Are we on with Terminology?

“The prototype says ‘Approve an Invoice’ and our event sponsorship leaflet calls it as ‘Approve invoice’.” | Are we on with Terminology?

“I am not married to Drupal, I never committed to Stripe, and I never lived-in with DITA.” | But you are not speaking like a virgin either.

“We may need a case for A (or B, C, or D).” | Education. Education. Well, education.

“Was it #e4e4e4?” | Sorry?