Servers Ban All 500 to 1000 lines of Code

The whole India is responding to act on the announcement that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has banned the current notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 with immediate effect, on the midnight of 08 November 2016.

The surge in twitter reactions and on whatsapp fueled my mind to wonder what happens if something similar is announced for the source code in technology.

All source code files with 500 to 1000 lines of code that are available on your local machines will show validation errors from the midnight today. You should uploaded all such files to your accounts at www.allwhitecodehub.allcode, within 30 days. In exchange, you get 100 lines of validated and modular code files that you can plan to use for AI, IoT, drones, cognitive computing and bots, language processing, driverless-designerless-plannerless-toothless technologies, and for WordPress-NodeJS-Beans-Stripe libraries.

Servers Instructions

  • For emergency cases such as to deliver the code to an online client within next 24 hours, you can create repositories on AllWhiteCodeHub with specific instructions. You can see the personalized instructions when you login to your account.
  • When you upload the code, you need to attach a proof that you own this code. For example, you can show screenshots of code comments, video recording of writing code, or of a brainstorming session with a UX or UI engineer. A beard or coffee-hangover-face will not be considered as a proof.
  • All online code will continue working fine for transactions, requests, and response. However, the cleaning and validation process for any code that you will upload in next 30 days, can impact the processing time. So adjust your request and response time code, for sessions, data transfer, and otherwise.

Almost all code works just as almost all money works. It does not mean that we should wait for such announcements. Lets ensure that our assets are legitimate and white labelled—whether it is money or code.