A Startup is a Pretense if…

So many founders, with an idea in their plate, a light in their eyes, access to technology, and a goal in their minds.

When I think of the overall success rate of startups and how mature they are for their groundwork, team, and strategy, sometimes I sense an under-preparedness. Fair enough for beginners. When I continue to see it for experienced founders, I get a feeling as if it is a pretense. (It happened with me when I worked on ContentHug. I pretended to myself that I was working on a product and we had to close it next year.)

A startup is a pretense if:

  • The founders are not sure of their differentiator as the value proposition
  • The founders have not defined their ideal customers
  • The product marketer does not have a strategy
  • The UX team have never talked to the customers
  • The front end programmer have not seen the back end architecture
  • The back end team is not involved in the branding process
  • The content was discussed once before the design team starts
  • The sales team has nothing to contribute to product design
  • The marketer never had a lunch with the UX engineer and the UX engineer does not know that the content specialist (strategist, writer, manager) is allergic to cappuccino
  • The founders do not invest in the culture

These are some symptoms and if not addressed timely, a startup merely pretends that the bottle is not empty.

Are you pretending?

Vinish GargStartups

Photo by Andrew Welch on Unsplash