Friday Reel

A Friday recap on my work, readings, and contributions in the week.

Work: Started planning on a brand story of a seed round B2B startup, for pitching to customers. It is a sales pitch and I am a huge fan of Andy Raskin, and Michael Margolis, for their own style in brand narrative strategies.

Interviews: I published the first post in content conversations where Scott Abel shared insightful thoughts on content strategy in healthcare. I am also watching how the next guest is responding to questions on Content Strategy in Non-Profits.

Readings: The most delightful readings have been Content in Design Systems, by Michael Haggerty-VillaNarratives by Pacific StandardStarting the Analytics Journey, by McKinsey, and Degree of Difficulty, by Fred Wilson. Here is my Refind profile for some of my readings.

Others: Dropped a heart on he Kindness Map, and when they sought advice on how to reach more people across countries, I shared my thoughts.

And I resumed contributions to Low Volume Thoughts.