The Year 2018 Footprints

Replaying the year 2018 reel and I feel as if it was a complex yet an entertaining movie.

1. Conversations

I continued my series of inviting guests for content conversations and I totally enjoyed the three episodes in 2018 — one each with Scott Abel, Jess Sand, and Lauren Lucchese. I see these coming in March 2019 for more guests.

2. Hosted a Content Strategy Meetup

In February 2018, I hosted a meetup on content strategy. Sameer Jain of Net Solutions invited me to host a meetup in their Digital Fridays series. Here are the meetup transcript and the slides.

3. My Dialogue, and Mentions

A passionate brave new web practitioner — Teodora Petkova invited me for a dialogue and it was such an honor to be there in her list of guests. The entire conversation will stay with me for more than a while.

Tracy Playle of ContentEd mentioned my content strategy comments in her post on How to make archiving decisions for news stories on a website.

4. Outcome Conference

Being in Chandigarh does not help my business network as people rarely talk about designing products here. The pain and my experience of working with international conference teams combined and I planned OUTCOME.

Here is the backstory and I am excited to see the speakers lined up for the day — 09 Feb 2019.

5. Quit Facebook

A smaller pain helped me get rid of a bigger pain. I had been quite passionate on Facebook for a few years — on personal stuff and for work. There were times when the writing was on the wall. It invaded my lungs and I quit Facebook. I want to miss it even today.

Vinish Garg 2018 Review Footprints Facebook Delete

6. Innovate Chandigarh Contest — A Digitally Prepared Chandigarh

In October 2018, I saw an open contest by Times of India where they called for technology ideas to pitch — particularly if these can solve some problems around Chandigarh. Smart city projects interest me and so I pitched for the contest.

On 20 December, TOI published the winners list and we are presenting to the Jury in January. Here are my slides that I used to pitch.

Vinish Garg 2018 Review Footprints Chandigarh City

7. Speaking at tcworld India 2019

After a three years hiatus, I sent a paper proposal to present at tcworld India conference 2019 and my paper is selected. See my session mentioned in the conference program and watch me speaking in Bangalore.

My topic is — The Ministry of Content — Empathy, Empowerment, Economics.

8. TLoCD project with Rahel Anne Bailie

I saw this invite by Rahel Anne Bailie for seeking contributions to The Language of Content Design.

It was an extension in the series of similar books by XML Press. I pitched in and I was included in the contributors team. I picked my term, and I am waiting to see this project moving forward in 2019.

9. Writing for InVision

I saw an open invite by InVision for contribution to their blog and design insights. I applied and my application was accepted. I wrote the first post and it should be live anytime.

10. Client in Iceland

I had worked with clients across continents in last ten years but the Iceland map was missing in my portfolio. In July, I got a chance to work with 2Way team.

11. PMI article

My friend Nibu Thomas invited me if I am interested to contribute an article for PMI (Bangalore India Chapter). I wrote it and here are my thoughts on project management, specifically relevant for startups or smaller teams.

12. Notable Readings

13. Low Volume Thoughts

I continued exploring the ingredients in our arteries and veins via a few Low Volume Thoughts. Examples:

14. Letter to My Son

My son turned seven this August and I need to talk to him more, and more frequently, and more carefully. One of the ways I convey my message is to write a letter on his birthday, and he loves these letters.

15. Slack Channel

I found this Slack channel owned by Jess Sand, and it was such a good decision.

Vinish Garg 2018 Review Footprints Slack

16. Car

I moved from 4605 to 9034. It is not about moving from 15 to 16, this is the change in registration numbers of my car. After driving 4605 for 7 years, after sleeping with it uphill and downhill, it was time to change. The old car is still with me though my new partner gives me little more space.

17. Stories by HowIGotJob

Dinesh, founder of howIgotjob approached me to share my story on his website. I got myself sharing my thoughts there.

18. A Tweet to Mention

One tweet that particularly caught my eye:

19. Arteries’ Audit

There are times when I want to rename a few of my arteries. Labels and tags — for restructure and visibility. Sometimes in 2018, I felt as if a batch was missing around, and so I audited my arteries’ inventory. Whether it is a retail store or legacy content, audit is complex. The footprints in the audit hara-kiri can shape the blueprint of things to unfold.

20 — The Last Mile

To be seen in 2019. Waiting.

PS: As it happened every year since 2009, I worked with highly unprofessional product design teams who had little or no clue of why they are designing products. All my energy goes into education and to setup the product design practices, clarity in goals, and it includes educating the founders too! I do not see it changing much in 2019 either.