UX Writing: An Annoying Limitation that I Often Experience

  • UX
  • April 5, 2019

As design and user experience gain traction in product teams worldwide, it brings up new roles and titles for people with specific skills. For example, UX Writers, as we often notice in many digital design publications, conferences, and job listings.

My agency name is vhite (and not “Vhite*, please) and I continue to see that many products where I use this company name change it to *Vhite* automatically. This is so annoying that I have to call their support team and sometimes, they do not have a fix. The latest example is of my Mailchimp account that I saw today (my tweet on this issue), and even they are not consistent in how they should use my company name. See two examples from within the same story, today.

Vinish Garg, for Mailchimp's UX Writers

As a customer, I do not really care whether the design team considers vhite as a proper noun or whatever. It is not an issue in the format of my date of birth, or a capitalization issue in my campaign names. It is my company name, and vhite as Vhite is not at all pleasing to the eye.

What annoys me even more that I see it so often with many mature products, something should have been standardized so far.

PS: If you see  saw the vhite website now, I have changed it for the right message, in the right narrative. The updated website goes live next week, here is a quick snapshot from behind the scenes work-in-progress.

Vinish Garg of vhite, New Website

Vinish Garg of vhite, New Website