Father’s Day for My Son, Because “A Child is the Father of Man”

Ever since I started writing letters to my son who is 8 yo now, I feel like a new version of myself that day. It is immense joy and a pleasure to be on either side of the Father’s day table.

On this day, I am revising my letters to my son because being a father for how we are preparing our kids for internet privacy, AI, for the work they will be doing in 2030, is a massive responsibility and a bit of challenge.

Letter to my son’s first school on his graduation day

Dear The Big Apple School Culture, thank you for the way you responded to the airplanes around our kids. The Big apple has done its job for Naman. The fruit is there in your branding. I will see the nutrition when Naman responds to the bigger orchards. You rock. And as I said earlier, you are never overrated.

Letter to my son when he turned five yo

Do not worry for how your hair are flying while playing, whether your shirt is tucked inside your trouser when you are running, or how that lady may react when you sing a song in a crowd. Your true friends never judge you beyond your words and actions and those who judge do not matter much. So if someone forms an opinion of you whether you are too lean, Asian, tall, or slow, it is their problem and not yours.

I designed my son’s website when he turned six yo

See the website beingnaman.com

Letter to my son when he turned seven yo

“However, it is important to channelize the fire sometimes. Something — as Terkel’s carpenter does as — ‘Your whole universe is rolled onto the head of that nail. Each lick is sufficient to justify your life… If you see a carpenter that’s alive to his work, you’ll notice that about the way he hits a nail.’”