Designing for Trust. Speaking on The World Interaction Design Day 2019

While working as a consultant with growing product teams worldwide in the last ten years, “designing for scalability” has been my constant coffee table message.

To validate a startup idea, to ensure that the message is marketable, the product is sale-able, and that business is scaleable, I channelize my energies to design products that really inspire trust.

Right now if I take an example of Chandigarh’s digital footprints, the experience is either entirely broken, or is fragmented. And we are not really concerned, because our today is tolerable. But tomorrow?

(See slides 6 to 13 in my talk for Chandigarh – a Digitally Connected, Sustainable, and Future-Friendly City.)

On World Interaction Design Day (IxDD), I am hosting a panel discussion with a few guests to discuss the role of trust in interaction design.

Abhay Vohra has invited me to host the discussion, at the IxDD Chandigarh event, on September 24, in The Lalit Hotel, Chandigarh. If you are in or around Chandigarh, you are welcome to join us and discuss how we all can make a difference in the life around us.