Join Me: An Hour on Zoom

In these uncertain times, we are sure to see some impact on our work. The leaders have been encouraging and we all need to be prepared for the new streams in our work.

I am hosting a series of one-hour Zoom meetings to discuss our work.

Series 1: The Ninety Percent in Design

02 and 09 April 2020, 07:00 PM IST

This is an extension of my recent post where I said that ‘Design is ten percent designing’. (See the post on my SubStack.)

To begin with, let’s discuss and try to understand what it means to design a product! Design is ten percent of designing, so what is the ninety percent The sessions are meant for leaders and executives. Our discussions can open new dimensions of how we can adapt to work. The meeting recordings will be available to all the participants. Reserve your seat, today.

Series 2: Brand Narrative and Product Narrative

Dates to be decided, in April, 07:00 PM IST

We will discuss why a shared understanding of the brand narrative is important for product teams. The two sessions will focus on the brand narrative for engineering, and its role in product marketing.