Not Investing in Product Positioning is a Disrespect to the Product Itself

In startups and growing teams, marketing involves two different roles – product marketing and brand marketing.

The product marketing managers own customer research and segmentation, they craft the message and positioning statements and lead content marketing strategy that aligns with the GTM roadmap. This is essentially a cycle from the GTM strategy to sales enablement.

The brand marketers are focused on brand positioning with a goal to drive brand awareness via storytelling around the brand narrative.

Product Positioning

I often see that many founders think of leveraging the available positioning such as an Airbnb for Y, or Uber for X. This might be a good starting point to set the ball rolling but this rarely works (leave aside exceptions). 

Can they match their operations, experience, delivery, support, and brand footprints with the Uber or Airbnb? And how do they scale this positioning? Certainly, their goals might be different from those of Airbnb or Uber.

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