Slides from my upcoming talk at the Utterly Content Conference: Content Strategy and Brand Narrative

As I often say, content marketing is often a content strategy problem and content strategy begins with the brand narrative strategy.

I am speaking at the upcoming Utterly Content Conference next week, on how content strategy is an extension of the brand narrative.

When we design our content style guides, content systems, or design systems, these are not only for the internal Ops. Every word that we use in internal Ops is part of the brand narrative because the customers know a Toms Shoes or Airbnb or Soul Cycle by this brand narrative.

Here is one of the slides from my talk.

A person is a person through other people. Which means that our work is our work through others’ work. This means that our work is more relevant, meaningful, and result-oriented only through others’ work.

A slide from Vinish Garg's talk at the Utterly Content Conference 2020.

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