Product Content Strategy and UX for Product Success: An Intense and Advanced Program

For experienced product content strategists, content designers, UX practitioners

This program is designed to work with you in making a shift from ‘work for product shipping’ to ‘work for product success‘. 

The early years of our work in content strategy, content design, or in some of the UX roles are more about learning the best practices, knowing the discipline within the industry, the teamwork, and how to ship the products.

The program is an extension to most of these learnings to widen your sphere of influence for leading the teams, for a product success centric approach to our work.

The program's Goal

The goal is not to spend hours talking about content or design. The goal is to channelize our learnings via an action plan so that we can apply these to see how a product works, and scales. Another important goal of the program is to discuss the wider role of our work in the world, beyond our spreadsheets, mockups, and whiteboards.

Real Value

Design your program

For specific topics, you can design what exactly you want to gain from it. Yes, we have specific modules for real-world examples and you can pick different combinations of topics that we want to discuss and gain from. See a few examples to know how you can design it

This is not a logical group in any sense; this is merely an example of how the final program might shape up to help you design your program.

  • Designing a B2B dashboard
  • Designing an onboarding experience for a new PM tool
  • Designing product success for a non-profit to raise the donations by X%
  • Designing a new events hosting platform
  • Customer journey mapping for an omnichannel shopping experience
  • Customer journey for a government’s digital presence
  • Customer journey for a B2B marketplace
  • Patient journey for a B2B caregiving service
  • Group 1: Product content strategy in startups: Content and design for onboarding and growth, Content strategy and design and operational cadence in the org, Content scales in a design-driven culture, org matures, Product marketing and positioning when aligned with content and design
  • Group 2: Group 4: Systems and models: System thinking, System design, Concept models, mental models, stakeholders models
  • Group 3: Models and spatial experiences: To be announced soon

Special sessions with guest hosts

Every week, you get a 90-minutes Q&A live session with an industry expert via a video call. For example, we will have guests to discuss onboarding, omnichannel experience, user research and market research, or UX for a specific industry such as a mobile app for fintech, or SaaS content life cycle. 

This gives you a wider perspective to apply your learnings in the program. Watch out this space as I announce some of the guests soon.

What you get

The program is intense and runs at a fast pace, for six to eight weeks. You get a combination of pre-scheduled live online calls and a few self-paced videos. In every week, you have:

  • 2 live video calls of 90 minutes each 
  • 2 hours of self-paced videos that you can watch anytime
  • One 90 minutes call with one program co-host in the area of your special interest (depends on how you design the program, more on designing the work below)
  • Access to related readings or talks at each stage or topic in the program
  • A milestone call at the end of the program

Who can apply

This program is NOT for the beginners. If you plan a transition from graphics design to UX, or from content marketing to content strategy, this program may not be for you. You can apply and I can consider depending on the type of experience that you have.

The application process

Since the program is based on application review process, you are not paying anything while applying. Only the selected individuals will be asked to pay to confirm their seat.

Program Overview

This is a quick view of the program modules. Join us in the list of early applicants to stay informed when I publish the detailed program. 

  • Product content strategy and scaling it around product UX

    What is product content strategy, and why a product strategy is misplaced in the absence of content strategy (with parallel focus on adjacent disciplines – content design, and UX Writing)

  • Product UX includes product content strategy

    UX is user-centric, business-centric, community-centric, does it retain the same centricity when the product grows?

  • Product is also about design-fit and content-fit

    When product scales, how it impacts content or design. Does the design components and the content scale in proportion?

The program begins with the right awareness and culminates with the right habits.

No certificates. You own your program.

There are no certificates associated with this program. Your participation and your work in this program is your own portfolio. 

The work that you will design in the program is your portfolio; you can mention it anywhere as a contributor to this project, and give our reference.

Limited seats. Get discounts in early access.

The program has 12 seats only, and it runs in October-November 2020. If you are curious to know when the program is available, share your contact details. I plan to offer discount too for early applicants. Right now, you do not need to pay anything while applying. Write to me at if you have questions.

The program host

Vinish Garg is the program host. Vinish works as an independent consultant on the intersection of product UX, content strategy, and brand narrative strategy. He shares his experienced on Medium, on Substack, and he owns a UX conference in Chandigarh. In October 2020, Vinish is presenting at the Utterly Content conference (see day 2).

The Program Co-hosts

Vinish Garg interviews experts in content strategy, content design, and in content driven experiences design leadership roles.

Co-host name and brief profile

Vinish Garg interviews experts in content strategy, content design, and in content driven experiences design leadership roles.

Co-host name and brief profile

Vinish Garg interviews experts in content strategy, content design, and in content driven experiences design leadership roles.

Co-host name and brief profile