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Strategic Brand Narrative

The first steps in setting up a shared understanding of business success and customer success goals in a shared vocabulary: It means that the individuals in every team across functions, locations, roles, and working in different languages align their efforts for common goals towards the business success and customer success. Read the complete post here.

For your team

If there is a use case where an external perspective might help your team in product strategy, UX, content, or brand narrative, let’s speak.

Covid-19 means we have time.

We have time today. This was not the way we wanted time for ourselves but let us accept that we have something and in such abundance that people in the last few generations could never afford to have. (read the complete post here).

Upcoming Talk at the Utterly Content Conference: Content Strategy and Brand Narrative

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Adaptive. Intelligent. Personalized. Omnichannel. Content is playing now.

Per Brick. Per Stitch. Per Word.

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Content has its Emotional Needs

“The most beautiful way to start weaving a brand narrative is to set up a canvas, pick a few characters, with camera on, and see how the protagonist of the customer story walks in. The first goal is to identify why we all are looking at this hero? Why are we all working for this hero, in different roles, with different skills, and sometimes at different locations? The answer to this why gives a high-level orientation to the brand narrative.” 

– quoted from my dialogue with Teodora Petkova