I love to present at conferences and in meetups to exchange ideas and experiences of working in product teams. I look for speaking opportunities in UX, content strategy, and product storytelling that helps teams setup a shared understanding for business goals and customer success goals.

Latest Meetup

On 23 February, I hosted a meetup: Content Strategy for Products: Experience, Traction, and Growth. In the meetup, we discussed why the product teams need to be strategic about content, how content brings people in marketing, sales, design, and support together, for business goals for CX, traction, and growth. See the meetup slides.

Vinish Garg Speaking in Content Strategy Meetup

Host, Organizer

CoMoDay 2013

In 2013, I organized The CoMoDay in Chandigarh to bring UX closer to the technical communicator practices.

Content for Success

In 2015, I hosted a program – Content for Success.

Speaking in the Past

Content Modeling: What, Why, and How – for tcworld India Annual Conference 2014, in Bangalore

Content is Playing, Game On – for STC India Annual Conference 2015, Pune

ContentHug Teaser Pitch – for a local pitching meetup in 2015, Chandigarh

In23Hours Product Demo – for a Product Hunt City Meetup, Gurugram

A Workshop: Content for Startups – in Chandigarh

WordPress for Technical Documentation – for tcworld India Annual Conference 2013, Bangalore

Technical Documentation: Passing the Baton – for STC India Annual Conference 2011, Chennai

Starting a Technical Documentation Company – for STC India Summit 2011, Bangalore