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I am Vinish Garg, and I work with growing product teams for their product strategy and vision, product positioning, product onboarding and UX, and product content design strategy. I work on products in the UX and design leadership roles, product content strategy and content design, and sometimes in the product management roles.

I work with teams and functions to establish the standards and systems for a content driven UX and design by following a system thinking approach to the products.

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Profile photo of Vinish Garg, an independent product manager, UX leader, and product content strategy and content design consultant, founder of UX conference, Outcome.

The why and how of my work

Founders are too close to the product and the functional leaders often fail to align their core competencies and motivations to take the product vision forward collectively.

Many years ago when I worked as a content strategist and a designer, I often wondered if I could contribute to the product strategy itself. At the early stage of any project, I am most curious about:

  • Why we work—why an org exists, why they hire, why we work
  • What are the operating principles if any, for what goals
  • What the goals mean to different people, functions, and segments
  • What happens to our work? Who cares?
  • Defining what we do—boundaries, people, the sub-systems

Meaning—My Program

Advanced course in product content strategy, content design, UX writing, and content and design leadership, by Vinish Garg.

An advanced program in product content strategy, content design, UX Writing

A fast paced course for product content strategists, content designers, UX writers, and content-driven UX practitioners.

Outcome—My Conference

A UX and Content Conference

I own a UX and content strategy conference in Chandigarh where international guests share their experiences and insights.


I enjoying working with leaders and teams who are willing to explore, learn, and grow to have a shared and focused understanding of what makes our work meaningful for all of us. I can lead the teams, define standards and systems, set up actionable plans for operational velocity, and make it work with pilot wins to have the right evidence early in the work.

A few of recent posts are:

Hosting guests

Since 2015, I host industry experts and leaders in content strategy and folks who work on the intersection of design and content.


I speak at the industry events in UX, design, and content. I am looking for speaking opportunities in products and systems as well. My recent talks:

Focus group on Slack

I have set up a focus group on Slack, to build conversations that impact our work, our career, our portfolio, our success metrics, and our working frameworks. The Slack workspace name is Outcome and Meaning.

If you use Miro, you can see a unified view of my experience and my approach to work in this Miro board (opens in a new tab in Miro).