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I am Vinish Garg, and I work with product teams for the entire product content strategy driven design cycle, including design standards and systems, content driven experience design, product positioning, and for a systems-driven approach to ship products that can really sell and scale.

My Product Success Program

An advanced program for product content strategists, content designers, and UX practitioners.

A program on content strategy, content design, and UX for product success, by Vinish Garg.

Outcome 2021

Outcome comes back for its third year, in February 2021. 


I host guests in a series of conversations on all things product content strategy, UX, design, and experience. Most of these have received rare comments on the depth and width of guests’ thoughts and the directions of the conversations.

Vinish Garg interviews guests on product content strategy, product UX, design, and experience.
MajorArcs, a conference speaker narrative example

Our MajorArcs

If you have spoken at more than five international tech conferences, MajorArcs is your speaking narrative.

Founder of a digital experience design agency (website)

Co-founded ContentHug in 2015 and it was a great experience.

“The most beautiful way to start weaving a brand narrative is to set up a canvas, pick a few characters, with camera on, and see how the protagonist of the customer story walks in. The first goal is to identify why we all are looking at this hero? Why are we all working for this hero, in different roles, with different skills, and sometimes at different locations? The answer to this why gives a high-level orientation to the brand narrative.” 

– quoted from my dialogue with Teodora Petkova