My talks

I am the founder organizer of Outcome conference, speaker at STC and TCWorld India annual conferences, and the World IxDD. I host UX, content strategy, and brand narrative workshops for product teams to establish a shared understanding of how their individual goals should align with the business goals.

Upcoming—OmnichannelX 2021

In June 2021, I am speaking at the OmnichannelX, on systems-driven content supply chain. In my recent project, I am trying to bring a system-thinking perspective in the products, and I wrote about it in this Medium post.

Outcome 2020

What happens to our work, our code, our designs, our content, and our spreadsheets, after an year or after 3 or 5 years?” This was my opening note at Outcome 2020 `Chandigarh, a one-day conference around UX, CX, design, content, leadership (see the conference program).


I talk about product strategy, UX, content, or brand narrative. I host team workshops and I present at the tech conferences.

Keynote talk at the Utterly Content Conference, 2020

On October 20, I am speaking at the Utterly Content Conference 2020, on “Content Strategy is an Extension of the Brand Narrative Strategy” Watch out this space as I will share the slides or video, soon.

“The most beautiful way to start weaving a brand narrative is to set up a canvas, pick a few characters, with camera on, and see how the protagonist of the customer story walks in. The first goal is to identify why we all are looking at this hero? Why are we all working for this hero, in different roles, with different skills, and sometimes at different locations? The answer to this why gives a high-level orientation to the brand narrative.” 

– quoted from my dialogue with Teodora Petkova