I am the founder organizer of Outcome conference, and a speaker at many international conferences in content, design, and in UX. I host UX, content strategy, and brand narrative workshops for product teams to establish a shared understanding of how their individual goals should align with the business goals.

Content and design systems that support product metrics

OmnichannelX 2022

Vinish Garg is speaking at the OmnichannelX conference 2022 on content and design systems that support product metrics.

My upcoming talk in June 2022

OmnichannelX 2021

Vinish Garg presented at the OmnichannelX conference on systems driven content strategy.

A systems-driven content supply chain is the life blood of customer experience

"What is content supply chain, and why it is important for growing teams. What makes or breaks the content supply chain, and how it looks like. How systems-driven content supply chain is critical to a brand’s customer experience goals."

Utterly Content 2021

Content strategy is an extension of brand narrative

"When we design our content style guides, content systems, or design systems, these are not only for the internal Ops. Every word that we use in internal Ops is part of the brand narrative because the customers know a Toms Shoes or Airbnb or Soul Cycle by this brand narrative."

What makes the product onboarding: Product content strategy, design, and product positioning ​

Outcome 2021

Vinish Garg speaking at the Outcome 2021 on product onboarding, UX, design, and content strategy.

What makes a well-designed product onboarding? How product content strategy, design, and product positioning come together to design an effective product onboarding. We will design a product onboarding, and map our learnings in this talk, with the outcome of this exercise.

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