My work

I have worked as a content strategist, UX consultant, product manager, and project manager, for product teams worldwide.

B2B SaaS: Businesses and Coupons

Role: Product Manager and UX Lead

I validated the product strategy for the business goals, established business rules in context of customer success goals, set up workshops for shared design standards, defined user stories, and designed interface. See the project reference in

a Miro board (key user stories, concept model, behind the scenes)

a Google drive document (The groundwork)

a related Medium post

Project manager, Travel marketplace

I joined the product in an early stage of development and immediately noticed that the UX was entirely broken. Multiple modules were in development and all were moving in different directions, there was no customer journey for any use case. 

See project details in a Google drive document

Content strategist and UX

I owned the content strategy for a US based non-profit including full-cycle content audit, analysis, content models, and website architecture for rebranding (see a related blog post from the project)

More projects

  • B2B GIS (UK): Help center in Intercom
  • B2B knowledge sharing marketplace (UK): UX and onboarding audit
  • A CMS for unions, municipalities, corporations (Iceland): Help Center
  • Team collaboration on the intersection of Slack and Email (the US): Help center
  • Human resources product suite (Italy)
  • Auctions and ecommerce, B2B (France): Business analysis, technical design for high-level UX strategy
  • B2B for measurable BI by OKRs (the US): UX audit
  • Asset management GIS (Australia): Help Center
  • More projects in healthcare, education, and CRM

“The most beautiful way to start weaving a brand narrative is to set up a canvas, pick a few characters, with camera on, and see how the protagonist of the customer story walks in. The first goal is to identify why we all are looking at this hero? Why are we all working for this hero, in different roles, with different skills, and sometimes at different locations? The answer to this why gives a high-level orientation to the brand narrative.” 

– quoted from my dialogue with Teodora Petkova