I work with functional leaders on the bold intersection of product management, UX and design leadership, product content strategy and content design, and product marketing and positioning

  • Product onboarding design and customer retention strategy
  • SaaS pricing page strategy
  • Product management for small and growing teams, for content-driven-design-driven product experience
  • Establish design and content standards
  • Content design, UX writing, product content strategy
  • Product marketing, product positioning, storytelling
  • Set up system driven design culture in the organizations


2Way, a B2B in Iceland (unions)

Altamira, B2B in Italy (HR)

eB***r, B2B in France (Auctions and ecommerce)

BioCollections., B2B in Miami (healthcare)

biz:Examiner, B2B in Austria (exams lifecycle)

Hoolime, B2B in the US (healthcare)

ill**ts, B2B in UK (data mapping)

karmaCRM, B2B in the US (CRM)

Profit, B2B in the US (OKRs)

ReallyColor, in the US

RealtySoft, B2B in the US (real estate)

Sken, B2B in the US (DevOps)

SwitchPay, B2B in Germany (payments orchestration)

Tr**rs, a B2B travel portal in Canada, closed

TMail, B2B enterprise in the US

A B2B marketplace in the US

I validated the product strategy for the business goals, established business rules in context of customer success goals, set up workshops for shared design standards, defined user stories, and designed interface. 

See the project reference in a Google drive document (The groundwork), and a related Medium post.

Content design fail—Our unforgiving standards

  • The sign up form, tweet
  • Slack experience, tweet
  • Webflow pricing page, tweet (they never replied)
  • Zendesk jobs application form, tweet (they never replied)
  • Fast—one click checkout, Google Docs
  • A B2B enterprise in India, tweet and email (they never replied)
  • Something went wrong, tweet
  • Fast Company sign up, tweet (they never replied)
  • An event countdown by TownScript, tweet (they never replied)
  • Plain language on government website, tweet
  • School website, download fee receipt, tweet (they never replied)
  • On NOT using the browser extensions, multiple tweets
  • The Substack help center, tweet (they never replied)
  • Discord sign up, tweet (they never replied)
  • Google Play storage and billing, tweet
  • Lusha, poor team and questionable product, tweet
  • Gender questions by Thomson Reuters job, tweet (they never replied)
  • MS Teams experience, tweet (they never replied)
  • Airmeet, Google Docs (they failed in multiple ways)
  • Product School even registration, tweet (they never replied)
  • Many more…

Meaning—My Program

Advanced course in product content strategy, content design, UX writing, and content and design leadership, by Vinish Garg.

An advanced program

An industry-specific program for product content strategists, content designers, and content-driven UX practitioners.

Outcome—My Conference

A UX and Content Conference

I own a UX and content strategy conference in Chandigarh where international guests have shared their experiences and insights.