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Forests technology—analytics intelligence for sustainability and conservation

Collective Crunch is a startup in Finland who is rethinking forests with AI for a data-driven forests ownership.

Recently, I got curious about design and content in very niche industry products—the industry which is not mainstream at least in my network and discussions. For example, how the UX designers, product content strategists, content designers work in wildlife and forests technology category products, in fisheries, or in the oil refineries.

I came into contact with Danielle Brigida who is a Senior Director of Wildlife Communications & Strategy at World Wildlife Fund (see their LinkedIn), and tried to learn about their work.

Last week, I found Collective Crunch, a startup in Finland who is rethinking forests with AI for a data-driven forests ownership for its conservation and sustainability goals.

AI-based forest inventory methods for Metsähallitus, by Collective Crunch, Finland.

I saw their insights and the team and I think it should be an interesting category to work in. For example this post on forest inventories was a good learning for me.

To imagine their taxonomy and then data models and concept models should be fascinating—the biodiversity in flora and fauna, policy making, and crises handling such as poaching, the world of endangered and extinct species, the forest travel, the human-animal conflict, and then everything that we have in more mainstream category products.

Forests tech is complicated because of their multi-dimensional impact areas, and also because not many references of success stories may be available in the digital and technology world.

Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

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