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My Wordle practices

When NYT took over Wordle, I tweeted a dialogue between two NYT reporters.

When I started playing Wordle, it took me a few days to start guessing the first or second word. My first preference was to use the maximum number of vowels in my early guess word. This way I could quickly know what vowels are used in the word if not their exact position.

For example, I would begin with:

— avoid

— voice

— abide

— route

— suite

Sometimes it will tell me that least vowels are used in the answer word. For example if the word does not have any of the five vowels, it was an easy guess, for example:

Vinish Garg shares his approach of playing Wordle.
Vinish Garg shares an example of playing Wordle, for their strategy and approach to the game.

On other days, I would avoid using vowels just to find the most likely consonants in the word. For example:

— blank

— brisk

— dwarf

— crisp

— frost

— frank

After a few weeks, I was doing it a lot differently. I would try to use the combinations, for example:

— ending with _ _ _sh

— with _ _ _ck

— beginning with st_ _ _

— _o_e_

— _ _i_ _

— ending with _ _ _st

Here is an example of when it wrked.

Vinish Garg shares an example of playing Wordle.

When NYT took over Wordle, I tweeted a dialogue between two NYT reporters.

Vinish Garg shares an example of a dialogue between two NYT reporters, by using Wordle.
Vinish Garg shares a tweet about Wordle and NYT.

My best shot has been 2/6, a few times. I don’t have the screenshots of those but I tweeted those.

Vinish Garg shares a tweet where they won Wordle on 2/6.

If you play Wordle and if you follow any practice, tweet it to me as I would like to see how others get started with the first guesses.

Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

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