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What is marketing without content strategy?

Marketers often design poor landing pages.

Almost every organization where I worked with as a contractor, consultant, freelancer, or as a manager—underestimated the role of content in their business. Their understanding of how marketing works is misplaced and their processes to let the product marketers work with the GTM are too disconnected from their customer onboarding plans.

Here are a few examples from my recent conversations with such founders and product leaders.

Vinish Garg tweets about marketers’ role in products.

Marketers often design poor landing pages. Their conversion-design sense is one-dimensional because oftentimes they do not understand the usability and design aspects such as for the form-design practices. See example tweet (opens in new tab).

I have many examples where the founders, product leaders or even their investors reached out to me for content marketing or product marketing services. Every time after I saw their product and positioning and the sales strategy, I told them that they need content strategy services—brand content strategy and product content strategy.

Marketing has a complicated relationship with truth as Dave Kellogg says—”As long as you describe a problem faced by a buyer (e.g., forecast accuracy) and how your product helps the buyer solve that problem (e.g., AI/ML-based forecasting), you should generally be safe. As long as your product actually does help solve that problem,” in this post.

The challenge is in the gap between how they describe the problem and how the solution actually works. This is marketers’ job to be aware of this gap but many modern marketers do not train themselves to identify this gap and to try to address it.

Content strategy comes to the rescue. Product content strategy informs the product marketing for the sales enablement.

Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

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