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A product hires people

Managers hire people to work on a product. Ever wonder how a product might want to hire people?


To validate the objective of all the people who mention me in their resumes, portfolio, or in slides and when they discuss how they shaped me (of course I know what I could have been)

Looking for people…

A designer who knows what they are designing, and who are willing to understand what happens to me after they quit me (me as a project or the job itself)

An analyst and researcher who cannot use data without my story

A manager who can open me, and then stitch back for a three-sixty degree ops cycle

An owner who can bring the right people to onboard me, at the right time, and for the right reasons

A few customers who can validate that I am not an orphan and that I will have a life that will not be under-represented

A content practitioner who communicates what I am, why I exist, and why people should talk to me, or even why they should quit me amicably

A strategist who can measure me for my price, value, and worth in their network as well as in my own network

An advocate who can stand by me tall enough

…so that

I can validate myself for all the tattoos and branding, and I am prepared to be archived

My folks and contributors can cite me as a reference worth-sharing

I can proudly say it aloud that “Well tried, folks.”

But, there are a few conditions:

I do not care if you already defined, designed, delivered, or dethroned something in my network; we just need a dialogue.

If web and standards and inclusive web are my small ecosystem, you need to step in and step out very very carefully. The watches, the wrist bands, the hats, or shoelaces that you will tie to me (you call it headers and footersshould be prepared-to-be-answered, and biodegradable, or reusable.

Desirable requirements

I am not looking for a good team; I just need a few hands and minds who are aware of themselves.

I want a human and cultured way of making investments in how to discuss, model, shape, validate, brand, markup, onboard, support, and celebrate, and with a lot of common sense.

Do not apply.

If you brand yourself for these standards, I might find you. You do not need to apply. Wish you good luck.

Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

I am Vinish Garg, and I work with growing product teams for their product strategy, product vision, product positioning, product onboarding and UX, and product growth. I work on products for UX and design leadership roles, product content strategy and content design, and for the brand narrative strategy. I offer training via my advanced courses for content strategists, content designers, UX Writers, content-driven UX designers, and for content and design practitioners who want to explore product and system thinking.

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Vinish Garg is an independent consultant in product content strategy, content design leadership, and product management for growing product teams.