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AI in civic technology—The Atlas of Urban AI, by CIDOB

For example if you click on Helsinki on the map, the AI projects' details in the city show up.

Barcelona, London, and Amsterdam are leading a Global Observatory on Urban AI project to help the cities deploy artificial intelligence effectively, and ethically. The project is Atlas of Urban AI and so far it includes 106 initiatives in 36 cities, and the city municipalities or administrative bodies are invited to submit their own AI projects.

The Atlas of Urban AI project, by Global Observatory for Urban AI (source)

See the map and use the filters to see specific types of information that you need. For example if you click on Helsinki on the map, the AI projects’ details in the city show up as below.

The Global Observatory of Urban Artificial Intelligence have defined a set of principles for the project. It defines the Atlas of Urban AI as—”Our Atlas of Urban AI is a crowdsourced repository of AI initiatives that have been developed and implemented in cities worldwide and that are aligned with the Global Observatory of Urban AI’s ethical principles. It aims to recognise the efforts of automatization and digitalisation in cities, and become a focus point for researchers, local policymakers, and the general public interested in AI. Besides a description and the geographical location of the projects, the Atlas of Urban AI offers other data such as population, GDP per capita, a classification in macro-sectors and subsectors, and a point of contact to know more about each project. Lastly, each project from ATLAS has been classified according to the minimum ethical standards of the GOUAI.”

See more details in this CIDOB publication.

Such projects serve as an excellent reference for cities in developing countries who are always looking for some criteria for where it is working and how far it has been successful for certain parameters. These are a valuable source in the library of civic tech and civic design practitioners and for those who work in digital design in the public sector.

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