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Content design and strategy, and system thinking

Ever since I started exploring system thinking and its role in digital product processes, my mind often thinks about content’s role in systems and systems’ role in content strategy. This is not as complicated as it sounds but we not have enough references and stories to see how these two have actually supported each other in technology teams.

Even when I wrote how systems driven content supply chain helps the customer experience (in 2021), I thought of writing a follow up post to update certain statements in that post. For example I mentioned that system thinking might invite structural conflicts in how an organization is designed for policy, decisions, or incentives but the role of content is more deep and wide.

Here is a work-in-progress view of my mental map to see system thinking on top of content strategy—I will continue to add more to it.

Vinish Garg shares a work-in-progress view of how system thinking facilitates and empowers content strategy and content design.

Regardless of the practice itself whether it is content strategy, content design, content engineering, content operations, content management, content marketing, content design strategy, or product content strategy, I think of content as message plus communication design. I am prepared to revise it for a few minor adjustments and so I will describe it in the follow up post.

Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

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